One Health-based Biomedical Research. Definitions, Ethics, Law and Science

On Monday 18 March and Tuesday 19 March at the ‘Le Benedettine in Pisa’ we host the international workshop ‘One Health-based biomedical research. Definition, Ethics, Law and Science’.

The workshop is organised by the Department of Law with the Department of Information Engineering, the 3R Centre, the Research Centre Enrico Piaggio, and the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in the framework of ALeF — A Legal Framework and Feasibility Study for Open Access Biobanks—, a research project funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, and coordinated by Prof. Valentina Calderai.

Our aim is to discuss and define a constructive legal and ethical framework for a biomedical progress aimed at global benefit.

Registration: (deadline10 March 2024)


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