Doctoral Workshop on EU Law

On March 16, 2023, a Doctoral Workshop will take place in Pisa with the main objective of providing a platform for PhD candidates from various European universities to present their research and recent developments to a specialized panel of discussants. The workshop will focus on analyzing both the internal and external dimensions of EU law, including constitutional issues related to EU agencies and legal aspects of the EU’s external action, such as the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the Union. During the workshop, PhD candidates will present their research projects, methodology, objectives, and expected outcomes, with the intention of receiving constructive feedback from distinguished academics in the field of EU law. This feedback will help the young researchers to improve and enrich their doctoral work and eventually enhance their doctoral thesis. The invited discussants are high-profile academics from various European universities, namely Ellen Vos and Jacopo Alberti in the field of EU agencies and Eleftheria Neframi and Graham Butler in the field of EU external action.
Organized by Ruben Della Pia and Francesca Finelli under the supervision of Prof. Sara Poli and Prof. Simone Marinai.

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