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General information about the courses

Courses for Erasmus Incoming Students – 2024-2025

To view the course schedules, you need to consult the VALUTAMI platform (Please see the attached file VALUTAMI portal for instructions below)You will be able to access the portal only after registering on ALICE and activating your credentials.

Language requirements
The Erasmus students are not required to submit a specific language certificate, but they are highly recommended to have at least a B1 level certificate in the Italian language due to the fact that most of the courses and the exams are held in Italian.
A course of Italian language is available for free for all Erasmus students, at the CLI (Linguistic Center).
Italian language Courses for Erasmus Incoming
On their arrival in Pisa, students should register at the C.L.I. webpage in order to sign themselves for the admission test. After the test they will be admitted to the appropriate course depending on their language proficiency.



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