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Incoming students applying to the Erasmus+/Erasmus Calls up to the 2020/2021 edition must access the:

Erasmus Manager Portal.

Students interested in the Erasmus calls for applications starting from the 2021/2022 edition must access the:

Erasmus Mobility Portal.


An Erasmus student is a student who comes to UNIPI to study for one semester or a whole academic year within a bilateral agreement between the faculty / school of his/her home university and the Department of Law of the University of Pisa.

This kind of bilateral agreements are signed with universities in EU member states and affiliated countries.

In order to be an Erasmus at UNIPI, the person in charge of the International Relations at  home university has to nominate the students selected for the Erasmus exchange programme to the Erasmus coordinator of the Department of Law.

Incoming students can select courses from all our law degree programs (Laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza (LMG) Laurea in Diritto dell’impresa, del lavoro e delle pubbliche amministrazioni (DILPA) and Laurea Magistrale in Diritto dell’innovazione per l’impresa e le istituzioni.
Courses have 6 or 9 ECTS credits and can be divided into modules.
Students can also select courses offered by other Departments of the University of Pisa. However, the request is subject to the approval of the Erasmus Coordinators of the Departments involved.
Courses with many students are usually divided into course A, B and sometimes even C. Students will select their course depending on their last name’s initial.
Changes of courses can be admitted only for exceptional circumstances. Incoming students should submit the request to the Erasmus Coordinator not later than 1 month after the beginning of courses. No change can be approved just for exams.
Most of the courses have oral examination. Some courses have an intermediate written examination; a limited number of courses has a written examination or can be passed through the submission of a paper. Enrollment to the exams should be made on Valutami platform.

General information about the courses

Most of the COURSES are taught in Italian and the students can choose them from all the three degree programs of the Department of Law:

Degree program in LAW (Corso di Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico in Giurisprudenza – LMG)  –  Courses available, 2020/2021

Degree program in Commercial, Labour and Public Administration Law (Corso di Laurea in Diritto dell’impresa, del lavoro e delle pubbliche amministrazioni – DILPA)  –  Courses available, 2020/2021

Degree program in Innovation Law for business and Institutions (Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Diritto dell’Innovazione per l’Impresa e le Istituzioni – WDI-LM)  –  Courses available, 2020/2021 

Language requirements
The Erasmus students are not required to submit a specific language certificate, but they are highly recommended to have at least a B1 level certificate in the Italian language due to the fact that most of the courses and the exams are held in Italian.
A course of Italian language is available for free for all Erasmus students, at the CLI (Linguistic Center).
Italian language Courses for Erasmus Incoming
On their arrival in Pisa, students should register at the C.L.I. webpage in order to sign themselves for the admission test. After the test they will be admitted to the appropriate course depending on their language proficiency.



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