EMILDAI – Joint degree with Dublin, León and Avignon

The European Union finances the Master’s Degree in Innovation Law: from the academic year 2022-23 the Curriculum for the achievement of the joint degree in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence is active.


EMILDAI Brochure

The new Erasmus Mundus Curriculum in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence (EMILDAI) is an international interdisciplinary programme offered by the Department of Law of the University of Pisa, together with Dublin City University, Avignon Université and Universidad de León.

Similarly to companies and organizations in all sectors that strive to keep up with digital acceleration and data management associated with technological progress, we have activated a European study plan, funded by the EU Commission, structured to create graduates able to meet the needs of the world of work.

The Curriculum in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence (EMILDAI) is a master’s degree course designed to bridge the gap for companies and institutions that require experts to process data in security in accordance with legal and ethical rules, also with reference to the use of artificial intelligence systems.


The EMILDAI Curriculum is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters of the European Union, it is the most prestigious and integrated EU-funded master’s degree programme. The EMILDAI project received a grant of over €5 million from the European Commission.

The Master’s Degree curriculum for the achievement of the joint degree is offered by the University of Pisa in collaboration with three leading European institutions in the field of knowledge: Dublin City University (Ireland), Avignon Université (France) and Universidad de León (Spain).

The meeting of Law with ICT

The Erasmus Mundus Curriculum in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence (EMILDAI) offers a unique mix of law and ICT modules in a highly internationalised learning environment that creates experts in data protection, governance, cybersecurity, AI law and ethics.

Prof. Francesco Dal Canto, Rector of the Department of Law said:

“EMILDAI is the only Erasmus Mundus gained by a Department of Law in Italy in the field of Law and New Technologies. This result was also possible thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the courses taught in the degree course in Innovation Law, which aims to increase the professionalism of our students, allowing them to be able to better compare themselves within the European context.”

Prof. Michela Passalacqua, Chair of the programme, welcomed the European Commission’s funding of more than €5 million to the programme, stating:

“With initiatives like this, the Department of Law can also make its contribution to the digital transition, offering its students a more complete and cutting-edge educational offer”.

Scholarship and enrollment opportunities

A key mission of EMILDAI is to attract talent from all over the world with particular attention to the aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion. For the academic year 2022-23, the enrollment application submitted by 31 March allowed the selection of 21 students: 17 obtained scholarships that fully cover university fees and entitle the holder to a monthly contribution of 1,400 euros for two years, 4 were winners of four scholarships to partially cover the fees.

On 16 May 2022 enrollments were reopened until 17 June 2022, in order to allow enrollments both without a scholarship and with scholarships – in particular 4 – to partially cover university fees. Assessments for admission were held on an ongoing basis during the registration deadline until places have been available. For the academic year 2022-23 enrollments are closed.

It is always recommended to promptly submit the application from the first opening of enrollment registrations.

For the academic year 2023-24, enrollments will be reopened in November. In order to partecipate in the selection process, students are requested to possess a relevant degree and an appropriate language proficiency level in English end either French or Spanish.

– 1 November 2022 – Applications open

– 20 January 2023 – Deadline for scholarship students
– February-March 2023 – Academic review
– April 2023 – Results are communicated to the students
– 31 May 2023 – Deadline for fee waivers and self-funded students
– 1 September 2023 – Beginning of the programme

Below are the grant opportunities for the 2023-24 academic year:

– 23 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: tuition fee waiver + €1400 month x 24 months + full health insurance;
– Up to 6 Full Fee Waivers: waiver of Year 1 and Year 2 fees + full health insurance;
– Up to 2 Partial Fee Waivers: waiver of Year 2 fees + full health insurance.

Further details for admission are also available on the EMILDAI website: https://emildai.eu/admissions/how-to-apply/

Multilingual learning

In addition to the core modules in computer science and law, EMILDAI students will benefit from multilingual learning related to English and another European language (French or Spanish). This combination of expertise is highly sought after by international organisations, technology companies, the legal sector and European and global institutions.

Support from research and industry

The EMILDAI Curriculum is also supported by three Research Associate Partners, representing leading research centres in the field of law, data and AI: the ADAPT Centre  in Dublin, the ISTI in Pisa and the Centre de Recherche en Droit A. Favre of the Université Savoie Mont Blanc (Chambéry) . The program also involves more than 70 public and private organizations in the provision of internships, seminars, thematic weeks and summer schools

Who is the EMILDAI Curriculum for?

The ideal candidate has a bachelor’s degree in computer science or legal subjects. An excellent level of English and knowledge of a second language (French or Spanish) is required. The best students will be selected based on graduation grade, professional experience and motivation. Balance with respect to geographical origin and gender will also be ensured.

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